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PHROC Calls on Remaining Third States to immediately and Urgently Fund UNRWA to Prevent Famine and the Genocidal Destruction of the Palestinian People

The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) warns that Palestinians in Gaza are currently experiencing catastrophic hunger, and are on the verge of a completely avoidable man-induced famine, engineered by Israel as a weapon of war to destroy the Palestinian people.

Walid Daqqa.. The Prisoner.. The Witness and the Martyr.

The prisoner Walid Daqqa passes away as a martyr in Israeli occupation hospitals, bearing witness to the ongoing crime of colonialism against Palestinian prisoners in the last colonial prisons in the world. Daqqa departs this world after serving a continuous sentence of over 38 years, during which guards changed multiple times and the cell doors rusted shut. In his departure, Daqqa leaves behind a clear image of the inhumane treatment practiced by the occupation, particularly towards Palestinian prisoners.

Hanan Saleh Abdullah Barghouti "Umm Anad"

Less than four months after the release of the administrative detainee Hanan Barghouti, known as "Umm Anad," from Kober town in the Ramallah district, the occupation forces re-arrested her in March of the current year, 2024, and transferred her to administrative detention once again. She was initially arrested in September of the previous year, 2023, and was placed in administrative detention for four months before being released on November 24, 2023, as part of the prisoner exchange deal.


On Mother's Day, the occupation authorities continue to deprive 27 Palestinian mothers from staying with their children, as the occupation arrests 67 female prisoners in its prisons until today under extremely difficult conditions. This year has been one of the bloodiest years for mothers and women amid the comprehensive aggression and genocide against the Palestinian people in all places, where Palestinian women and mothers are subjected to various forms of systematic and serious abuses of their rights, particularly the female prisoners.


On Palestinian Children's Day... The Israeli occupation detains more than 200 Palestinian children in its prisons

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