This summary includes data of those arrested from the West Bank, while detainees from Gaza remain subjected to enforced disappearance.

- The total number of arrests in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, exceeded 8,425.
- Women: The total number of female arrests is around 280. This includes women arrested from the territories occupied in 1948 and cases of women from Gaza and arrested from the West Bank.

- Children: The number of child arrests is approximately 540.

- Journalists: The number of journalist arrests after October 7th is 66. Forty-five of them remain detained, with 23 transferred to administrative detention.

- Administrative Detention Orders: After October 7th, there were over 5,210 administrative detention orders issued, including new and renewed orders, some targeting children and women.

- The ongoing arrest campaigns since October 7th have been accompanied by escalating crimes and violations, including brutal beatings, threats against detainees and their families, widespread destruction of homes, confiscation of vehicles , confiscations of money and gold, and extensive infrastructure destruction, particularly in the camps of Tulkarm, Jenin, and their surroundings.

- These arrest campaigns encompass those detained from homes, military checkpoints, those who surrendered under pressure, and those held as hostages.

- Additionally, during these arrest campaigns, Israeli forces carried out extrajudicial killings, including individuals from the families of detainees.

- At least 16 prisoners have died in Israeli prisons and camps after October 7th, including Omar Draghma from Tubas, Arafat Hamdan from Ramallah, Majed Zaqoul from Gaza, and a fourth martyr whose identity is unknown, AbdulRahman Mareii from Salfit, Thaier Abu Asab from Qalqilya, AbdulRahman al Bahesh from Nablus, Mohammad AlSabar from Hebron, Khalid Alshaweesh from Tubas, IzzEldein Al Banna from Gaza, Asif Rifaei from Ramallah, Ahmad Rizq Qadeeh, Jumaa Abu Ghanimeh, Walid Daqqa, AbdulRahman Amr. In addition to the injured prisoner Mohammad Abu Sineneh from Jerusalem that passed away in February in Hadaseh hospital after we was injured and arrested on the same day. 
It should be noted that Israeli media has disclosed data indicating the deaths of other detainees from Gaza in the Sdeh Teyman camp in Be'er Sheva. Recently, the occupation also revealed the deaths of 27 detainees from Gaza. The occupation continues to refuse to disclose any information regarding the fate of Gaza detainees. Additionally, the occupation has admitted to the execution of one Gaza detainee, along with other indications pointing to further executions.

The data related to arrest cases includes those still held by the occupation and those released later.

These data do not include any figures regarding the number of arrests from Gaza, as the occupation continues to refuse to disclose them and enforces enforced disappearance against them, estimated to be in the thousands. It should be noted that the occupation has detained hundreds of Gaza workers in the West Bank, along with Gaza citizens who were present in the West Bank for medical treatment.
- Total Prisoner Numbers: As of the end of March, the total number of prisoners exceeded 9,500, including over 3,660 administrative detainees and 849 categorized as "illegal combatants" from Gaza. These numbers are available only as clear data from the Israeli Prison Service.

Prisoner Institutions: (The Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, The Palestinian Prisoners' Club Association, Addameer Institution for Prisoner Support and Human Rights)
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